Lea Zeldin

Lea Zeldin, seen here enjoying a community meal, was a woman of the people

Lea Zeldin, seen here enjoying a community meal, was a woman of the people

Health Writers was founded by Lea Zeldin in the early 1970’s. What began as a simple sheet of information for consumers of healthcare products evolved into a newsletter and, in 1996, a radio program. Lea passed away on April 2, 2009, but her fearless and provocative spirit lives on.

At Lea’s memorial service, everyone in attendance had a story to tell. That’s because she had created community with so many people. Young and old, poor and gainfully employed, people of all colors and nationalities were inspired and nourished by the thoughts and actions of this powerful yet diminutive woman.

The Health Writers collective continues to broadcast the message that healthcare is a right, not an option.
Listen to our Tribute to Lea Zeldin originally broadcast on WORT with Health Writers Judy Leurquin, Tina Osoucha, Mj Leplae, Mary Somers and Steve Blank. We’re joined by special guests Gaddi Dan, who worked with Lea at Today Not Tomorrow, and John Nichols, whose touching piece about Lea appeared in the April 4th edition of the Capital Times online.

Health Writers would like to thank WORT for allowing us to post the broadcast on this website.


One response to “Lea Zeldin

  1. Lea we miss you. I am spreading your message all the way to El Salvador where they now want a low powered radio station and actually visited Bob Park’s garage to see how CityWIDE works. And I am pushing women to speak on the radio like you pushed me. fondly, Mary

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