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Gina Solomon on the Health Effects Caused by the BP Disaster

Dr. Gina Solomon

On our July 8, 2010 program, Gina Solomon, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco, spoke with Health Writer Steve Blank about the short- and long-term effects that the BP oil spill has on human beings.

We also heard from Uncle Andy about what liberals and progressives are all worked up about, and Health Writer Mary Somers reported on Israel’s control over fresh water in Gaza.

Listen to our July 8 broadcast by clicking the player below.

January 28, 2010 MJ LePlae speaks with Madison’s Deborah Bachmann about her family in Haiti and the work they’re doing for the relief effort. Judy Leurquin interviews Doug Rokke, a military disaster relief expert, about the US effort to bring relief to Haiti, and Steve Blank interviews his 10-year old son Lew about his ordeal with broken toes (ouch!). Click above player to hear our January 28, 2010 broadcast

January 14, 2010 MJ LePlae interviews Professor Al Gedicks from UW La Crosse about alternatives to destructive mining policies and then MJ speaks with Mike McCormick from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources about the gas leak in Bainbridge Ohio that forced residents to flee their homes.
Click above player to hear our January 14, 2010 broadcast

December 24, 2009 Steve Blank speaks with Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping. Mary Somers and her husband Andy report in from Tuscon on their work with No More Deaths. Finally, MJ Leplae discusses coop dining with Charles Kane.
Click above player to hear our December 24, 2009 broadcast

December 10, 2009 Judy Leurquin reports on a wide range of just discovered serious birth defects in Fallujah, and how evidence suggests they are the result of depleted uranium dispersed through U.S. military operations there. MJ Leplae speaks with UW’s Joel Creswell about the economics of Madison’s public water system, Memorial High’s Stefan Schulz speaks about his participation in a project to deliver fresh to African countries suffering from climate change and drought, Robin Piper of the Madison Water Utility discusses the 22% water rate hike, Lisa Jacobson of the Farm to School Program lays out a plan to overhaul our school lunch programs, and UW’s Jonathan Patz weighs in on the climate conference in Copenhagen.
Click above player to hear our December 10, 2009 broadcast

November 12, 2009 Steve Blank discusses HR 3692, Mary Somers discusses the origins of the H1N1 virus with John Kinsman of Family Farm Defenders, MJ Leplae reports on H1N1 vaccines, Thomas Kozlovsky reports on replacement hormone therapy.
Click above player to hear our November 12, 2009 broadcast

October 22, 2009 Steve Blank and Thomas Kozlovsky host a conversation about the healthcare debate with Taylour Johnson, Andy Ambler and Marshal Braun of the International Socialist Organization.
Click above player to hear our October 22, 2009 broadcast

October 8, 2009 Mary Somers reports on her trip to Madison’s sister city of Arcatao, El Salvador.
Click above player to hear our October 8, 2009 broadcast

September 24 2009 Judy Leurquin reports on the tragic case of local Iraq war veteran Perry Lucas, Steve Blank interviews GI Counselor Ray Parrish, Judy Leurquin speaks with William Brown of the Bunker Project and with Joy First of the National Campaign for Non-Violent Resistance.
Click above player to hear our September 24, 2009 broadcast

September 10 2009 Steve Blank delivers a single payer update, Judy Leurquin reports on efforts to privatize Wisconsin nursing homes, Thomas Kozlovski discusses  the Yankee Stadium pee policy, Steve Blank conducts healthcare interviews with Canadians and Britons.
Click above player to hear our September 10, 2009 broadcast

August 24 2009 MJ Leplae interviews Madison water quality expert John Standridge, Judy speaks with Health Writer Mary Somers about her trip to Madison sister city Arcatal, El Salvador, MY Leplae interviews single payer healthcare advocate Tracy Coombs.
Click above player to hear our August 24, 2009 broadcast

August 13 2009 Steve Blank interviews Russell Mokhiber.

Click above player to hear our August 13, 2009 broadcast

July 23 2009 Judy interviews Dr. Sam Epstein on Obama’s cancer plan, Diane Turner reports on healthcare in a militarized culture, Steve Blank reviews Obama’s Challenge, a book by Robert Kuttner.

Click above player to hear our July 23, 2009 broadcast

July 9 2009 Steve Blank delivers a single payer update, Judy Leurquin on cancer prevention, MJ Leplae speaks with Jorge Aguilar and Corrine Rosen on keeping water public, Mary Somers interviews Randy Converse on sunscreens.

June 6, 2009 Diane Turner visits Sholom Holistic Health Services, Steve Blank hosts a healthcare debate between single payer advocate Jerry Sielaff and public option proponent Jim Adams.

May 28, 2009 James Thindwa on organized labor and healthcare.

May 14, 2009 MJ Leplae reports on the water quality from Madison’s Well 8, Judy Leurquin interviews breast cancer survivor Pam Kleis, Steve Blank interviews Sal Cicero about on custody battles for immigrants.

April 23, 2009 Judy Leurquin on Midge Miller, MJ Leplae on Madison’s Well 8, MJ’s pregnancy follow-up report, Judy Leurquin interviews Mary Malaney about Wisconsin Nurses working overtime, Steve Blank interviews Deb Foster who started a Peace Studies program at an Eagle River public high school.

April 9, 2009 The Health Writers tribute to Lea Zeldin


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  1. Steve thanks for the website. I hope people will take this opportunity to express their opinion on affordable healthcare.
    Tina Osuocha, health writer

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