MEDiC: UW’s student-run free health clinic

Medic staff

Dan Hertel, Christina Fok and Parker Hoerz (seated) of MEDiC.

University of Wisconsin Medical students Parker Hoerz, Christina Fok and Dan Hertel join Health Writers for a special report on MEDiC, the free health clinic run by students of UW’s School of Medicine and Public Health. Reporting from the east side Salvation Army, Health Writers Mary Moyer and Steve Blank lead the discussion of MEDiC’s impact on the Madison community and on the students who run it. Concluding the report is a conversation with two patients at the clinic.
To listen to our March 22nd broadcast, click on the player below.


One response to “MEDiC: UW’s student-run free health clinic

  1. Great interview. Excellent questions were asked. It is great to hear the medical students enthusiasm and activism for those who need health care the most. UWMed School is doing a great job exposing students to free clinics. Thank you for the program. I’m happy I had found it and will look forward to listen and read your postings.

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