Returning veterans heal through self expression

Writing and the journey home aHealth Writers and Radio Literature combine to host a discussion of alternative therapies for veterans who struggle with PTSD and how some explore self expression through creative writing. Co-hosts Lynn Shoemaker and Steve Blank are joined by three special guests:
Erin Celello, author of Learning To Stay, a novel set here in Madison about a couple struggling to save their marriage after the husband returns from war with PTSD. Erin’s novel is currently being dramatized for the stage;
Doug Bradly, A veteran of the war in Vietnam and co-author of the soon to be published We Gotta Get Out of This Place: The Soundtrack to the Vietnam War;
William Schuth, a poet and former marine who served in Iraq and since has left the Marines Corps to do his graduate studies in US military history and civil-military relations at UW Madison. William is currently working two collections of poetry, including Twelfth General Order and another, as yet untitled, book. As a special treat, William reads two of his poems.
Doug and William are both member of the Deadly Writers Patrol, a writing group comprised of veterans.
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Dave Zirin on sports culture and domestic violence

Dave Zirin

Dave Zirin

Health Writer Mary Moyer is joined by Dave Zirin, a nationally syndicated journalist who covers the politics of sports for the Nation Magazine, for a critical examination of our sporting culture and domestic violence. This is a special pledge drive program, so expect a 2-minute pledge rap ten minutes into the program. Be sure to show your appreciation for Health Writers and WORT by making a donation today!!! Simply visit and click on the donate button.

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Sexual assault at UW

rape-culture-e1361822384958Health Writer Chris Lang discusses sexual assault at the University of Wisconsin Madison campus with three guests: Tonya Schmidt, UW Assistant Dean of Students; Carmen Hotvedt, University Preventive Services; and Hannah Serwe, chair of PAVE-UW (Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment).
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Ebola: Beyond the headlines

ebola-outbreak_smallHost Mary Moyer discusses this timely issue with two guests from the University of Wisconsin, Dr Alhaji Njai and Linda Vakunta.
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3D printing of body parts and organs

3-D Printing Companies Demonstrate Latest TechnologiesHealth Writer Chris Lang speaks with Dr. William Murphy, a biomedical engineer from the University of Wisconsin’s Regenerative Medicine Center, about emerging technological breakthroughs in medically-related 3D printing. While science labs have already produced external body parts like ears, noses and even hands, we may not be far from creating internal organs – a breakthrough which may dramatically increase life-saving procedures.
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Healthy bits and banter

health150Health Writers takes a cursory look at current health issues, including antibiotics, ebola, ticks and red meat, healthy hair and lung cancer rates.
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Madison’s “green” sister city, Freiburg

freiburg_solarHealth Writer Chris Lang interviews Ted Markus Petith, a native of Freiburg, Germany, one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world. Mr Petith is now a resident here in Madison, and he offers instruction to facilitate sharing findings and knowledge of Freiburg with City of Madison engineers, planners, recycling coordinators, and UW-Madison’s Office of Sustainability.
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