Turning back the clock on wheat

Photo196578In a rebroadcast from a program originally aired last fall, David Lohrentz, co-owner of Madison Sourdough, joins Health Writer Mary Moyer to discuss the advantages of cultivating and baking with heirloom wheats. Heirloom wheats differ from the dwarf varieties of wheat so common in the majority of today’s foods containing wheat.
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Herbal Anthropology Project reveals powerful health remedies

Herbal AnthropologyThis week Health Writers has an international focus on the Herbal Anthropology Project (HAP). Health Writer Mary Moyer talks to the founder of the project, Laura Ash, about HAPs efforts in helping indigenous communities all over the globe to preserve their traditional healing remedies.

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Beer, fermentation and wort… on WORT

wort beer bwort |wərt, wôrt|
1 [ in combination ] used in names of plants and herbs, esp. those used, esp. formerly, as food or medicinally, e.g., butterwort, woundwort.
• archaic such a plant or herb.
2 the sweet infusion of ground malt or other grain before fermentation, used to produce beer and distilled malt liquors.

Wort on WORT: Health Writer Mary Moyer discusses the science behind Madison’s favorite fermented beverage…beer. Mary’s guests include UW Molecular Biologist Steve Loukin and WORT’s own Jim Goronson. Jim is leaving his post at WORT to open the Parched Eagle Brewpub.

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Nanomaterials and our health

Professor Joel Pedersen

Professor Joel Pedersen

Health Writer Chris Lang discusses nanomaterials and their implication on the environment and our health with Prof Joel Pedersen, UW dept. Of chemistry. Professor Pedersen conducts extensive investigations into what happens to nanoparticles once they enter the environment, and how they interact with organisms.

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Secular options for recovery

options4Want to gain some control without a god’s help? Health Writer Chris Lang speaks with Dr. Henry Steinberger about secular options to AA. Dr. Steinberger, a Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, explains how mindfulness, acceptance and commitment may provide more suitable options than the “higher power” construct offered by AA.
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Smart Recovery® of Madison
Finding Secular Options to AA an article published in Freethought Today by Henry Steinberger, Ph.D.

Kombucha and the fermented beverage revival

Mary Moyer with Alla Shapiro and Vanessa Tortolano of NessAlla and UW's Dr. Jim Steele

Mary Moyer with Alla Shapiro and Vanessa Tortolano of NessAlla and UW’s Dr. Jim Steele

As consumers become more concerned about healthy, locally produced foods and beverages, Kombucha, a fermented tea, is enjoying a sharp increase in popularity in Madison and throughout the country. To investigate this phenomenon, Health Writer Mary Moyer visits the NessAlla kombucha brewery and speaks with owners Alla Shapiro and Vanessa Tortolano about the fermented beverages they produce.
Next, Mary interviews Dr. Jim Steele from the UW Dept. of Food Science about the history of fermented foods and beverages, and the potential health benefits of consuming fermented products.
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NessAlla kombucha brewery
NessAlla Facebook page and event listings
UW Madison Dept of Food Science home page
UW Madison Dept of Food Science brewing class

Nature’s remedies: herbal medicine

Dave LaLuzerneIn this rebroadcast from last spring, Health Writer Steve Blank interviews David LaLuzerne, owner of Herb TV Online, about Herbal Medicine. The discussion explores differences between pharmaceutical and herbal medicine, misconceptions about herbal medicine, and “wildcrafting,” the art of finding herbal remedies in the natural landscape. Finally, Dave discusses the annual “HerbDay” which will be celebrated this year at Olbrich Gardens in Madison on Monday, May 5. For more information on HerbDay, contact Dave at 512-9633 or herbman50@tds.net.

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